Functions of travel agents on behalf of travel agencies:

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The role of travel agencies is providing required travel data to the people. Actually people those who are required to know the travel data regarding tour visits. They will only visit travel offices as they have complete information on the specific travel agency. Otherwise, they visit with the proposal of their hired travel agent.

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Let’s discuss in detail;

  • In fact, promoting the businesses of several travel agencies job is effectively done by the agent only. The agent will sell tickets to several modes of transportation to the people on behalf of a travel As we all know that cost expensiveness of ticketing is a risky thing and this job is skillfully done by the agents.
  • Many travel companies offer you insurances for risk coverage scenario. It includes if you undergo an accident on behalf of your travel company assistance at tours if you lost your luggage etc. These risks will be covered with insurance coverage provided by your travel agent whom you hired on behalf of Travel Company. When you come across reputed companies like galapagos islands tours also allocate travel agents to their clients or customers for knowing about regular updates of the company on and off goings respectively.
  • Additionally, these agents will be enacted like a local guide to the customer. They will deal with you about the trip you planned, including sightseeing, famous holy places etc. Or if you planned for a business trip; he will guide you to locate the place very easily.

Major duties performed by these agents;

  • They will promote the business is quite common. They will handle all kinds of queries; deal with typical customers very easily. They even involve in recruiting and training their subordinates or newcomers for agent’s role.
  • They can easily organize and supervise the staff associated with a company. They provide facilities and several options to the customers that suit budget range. In this scenario, they are keenly helpful for the company in the name of maximizing profits exclusively.
  • There are different kinds of travel agents those offer services to the company. Including tour operators, independent travel agents etc.

Tour operator’s acts as travel agents:

Moreover, we all know about there are different types of tour operators those who indirectly act as agents and working on behalf of the company for serving their customers.

Majorly and popularly these agents’ acts as the backbone of the travel company success. They even deal with foreign clients and also deal with different client’s queries and requests within a single click.


So, travel companies let their customers enjoy the packages provided. It includes accommodation, transportation facilities and all. Packages names include package holiday, inclusive tour packages etc. Moreover, all these activities are effectively organized by these travel agents only. In this way, travel agents perform their duties well. In fact, this career is the bright option today for the unemployed especially those who have good communication skills, interpersonal skills, a good degree, number of languages proficiency etc.

Hence travel agents act as a boon to the tourism industry. They ultimately making the business to achieve success and growth in the tours and travels industry with their assistance.