Is the dream, favourite, and prefers sounds the same meaning?

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Have you ever heard of a BMW service shop austin texas ? This is the world of dreams, favourite and preferable cars. Everyone has a wish of doing or making things that they prefer in their life. Almost all of us have a dream or wish which is all about what we expect to be or the beloved position in life. Dream, like and preference has different meanings. It doesn’t have the same meaning. The dream means our wish or our destiny in life. For Example, to buy a car, build a home, or get a big or good position in a job is the dream. The dream somewhat difficult to acquire so we need to conquer for achieving it. We need constant efforts and hard work to achieve it. I think you are now clearer on what is the meaning of a dream. Now let’s move on to like to understand its apt meaning. Like is entirely different from the dream. By means, we have a little bit extra attractions as compared to the rest. We like a thing without having proper reason. I think this upcoming example would make it easy to understand. For example, I like blue colour or I like poori, Ice cream and so on. The dream means aim or goal but the term like means my favourite thing. I have no reason to say which means I do not have a proper or valid reason to say why the particular thing is my favourite. Now we are more familiar with two terms that are like and favourite. This is the time to move towards the term preference. Some of us think that the terms preference and like means the same but not exactly. The word Preference means our priority. Preference is the term that particularly means my favourite option among the list of choices given. I assure you this example will make it easier to understand the term preference. For example, I prefer tea during winter days due to heavy cold and shivering but always I like the ice cream most. I believe that now you are more confident on the three terms which means you are clear on the three terms without confusion and doubts. Let’s apply them in terms of cars which means we try to say examples for our dream car, favourite car, and preferable car in the upcoming passages.

My Dream car 

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Everyone likes to buy a car. But dream car is entirely different. Because of the colour, features, model, the brand name sometimes these things make us more excited. I too have a dream car that is BMW. I am attracted by this particular car because of its brand name and features. I have a dream that is to buy my dream car.

My favourite car 

I like Renault’s gold colour duster very much. I don’t say because of gold colour because there are other cars are also available in a golden colour. I have no reason to say why Renault’s gold colour duster is my Favorite.

My preferable car 

I think because of the limitation in budget and choices I may be forced to choose a preferable car But I wish that I want to buy my dream car.