Massage Service – A Massive Tool to Relax


Massage service is basically a Stress Reliever or pain reliever from the body to stimulate the soft tissues of the body. From ancient times massage services are rendered by trained professionals. Professionalist treats the people in a lying massage table, sitting massage chair, or lying mat on the floor. There is much archaeological evidence found in ancient civilizations like China, India, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia.

Massage service has a 홈타이 right from the ancient days and then it is taken to the battlefield and then to medical field especially in Trojan War, at the end of the day the soldiers had their massage. There is a 홈타이with the massage right from the birth, even a new-born baby can have a massage service while taking bath. It nourishes the body of the kid and make it very strong and energetic and also helps in the development of the body organs.

Impact of Massages

Massage services reached its height when the athletes are started using the service in the 1970s. Olympians started to do with oils for Gymnastics, from there the massage therapist came into existence as a prominent professionalist and they received their License and started doing it for funds. Massage services are otherwise treated as physiological shampooing which boosted the practitioner from their own places and commercial venues.

Kinds of Massage Service

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a massage therapy in which the contracted muscles are relaxed and it helps treat the skeletal muscles. It includes friction, skin rolling and compresses the tension.


It’s a type of Zone therapy it involves the application of pressure on the hands, feet, fingers on the thumb and tip without oil or any other solutions. Shiatsu is an inner part of reflexology, it means giving pressure in the palms and hands, it releases the tension.

Sports Massage

It’s a technique which enhances the quick recovery of the muscles and prevents from a major injury. It activates the flow of blood from muscles to muscles.

Facilities for massage service.

Massage Tables and Chairs

A Table with padded surface and horseshoe-shaped head support help the person to breathe easily while lying down, Orthopaedic pillow can be used to keep the body for positioning. Stationary or Ergonomic Chairs Can also be used. These chairs are portable and easy movable. So that it can be done in the workplace, home, outdoor suits etc.

Warm Water Therapy

It requires water therapy pools with a chest-deep of 95 degrees Fahrenheit to perform aquatic bodywork.


Dry Water Massage Tables

The Person can sit the chair and the therapist applies warm water to the places where it is needed. It can be seen the malls and parlours.

Vichy Showers

It needs a pool with a shallow bed and then a shower is applied to them. Nozzles can be adjusted according to the height of the person.

Cremes, Lotions, Oils and Gels

These are all the variety of massages, some can be done by using cremes, some other by applying oils, gels and lotions to release the tension and pressure from our body and enhances the new cell formation and improvement in the pigmentation.