Safety Tricks To Be Followed For Contacts

red contacts

The wearers using contact lenses will have multiple doubts while using contact lenses. They must get answers for such doubts. They can only get such doubts cleared with proper awareness. People try to understand whether It will be good for them to wear contacts under the shower. Contact lenses are the safest medical tools when worn with responsibility. People have to follow certain safety tips while using contacts may it be regular or red contacts .

Safety tips: Millions of people use contact lenses to correct their vision. Contacts must be used safely and handled with care. People failing to follow the safety rules while using contact lenses may end up in serious problems. Contact lenses are a source for infection no matter how careful and safe the wearer, the germs are seen on hands, eyes and everywhere. When fungi and bacteria are present in the hands they may enter into the eyes. Utmost safety must be followed while using contacts.

Stop wearing overnight: The contacts must not be worn overnight. The eyes closed having lenses inside may reduce the inflow of oxygen leading to infection. The lens inside the eyes may have germs which lead to infection in the cornea.

red contacts

Prescription:  The first thing the wearer need to do while wearing contacts is to consult the eye professional. They have to get the prescription from the eye doctor to make sure that the contacts fit for them. The same procedure must be followed for red contacts which are colored contacts. People might be in the wrong impression that colored contacts do not require any prescription. They must avoid their misconceptions by consulting the eye doctor.

Avoid reusing solution:  people must avoid reusing solutions. With the intention of saving money, they may invite diseases.  Always the wearer must use fresh solution to store the contacts in the case. Saline solutions must not be used for disinfecting or cleaning contacts. Saline solution is sterile salt water. It will not clean or disinfect. So always use solutions which has disinfectant. The case which is used for placing contact lenses must be replaced once in three months. The case gets dried similar to the toothbrush.

Avoid using saliva: Contact users must never do the mistake of using saliva as the wetting agent. It may cause more infection to the eyes and contacts as well as mouth is the part in the body which has more bacteria.

The wearer must remove the contacts when they feel irritated. Generally, people fail to recognize the irritation or itching due to their busy schedules or distraction. It is always advisable to remove the contacts when they are not feeling comfortable wearing it.

Handling contact lenses: Before wearing the contact lenses People have to wash their hands with soap and water and have to dry it with a towel which is lint free. After disinfecting the contact lenses with the solution provided as per the direction from the product the wearer have to use fresh solution to rinse the contacts before putting them into eyes.

Safety measures need to be followed after removing the contacts from the eyes. Each contact lens must be gently rubbed in the solution and then rinse each contact lens with a fresh solution before storing them into the case to cover each lens. Even after a clear indication that the product should not be rubbed, still the lens must be cleaned to avoid any gems.