Scrap the old car – You Don’t need it anymore

Skrota bil

Your car gets old, not in a condition to sell or repair, met with an accident and causing pollution, scrap the old car. Once it is declared as scrap one cannot drive it anymore.

The car can be sold/ resold to another state or country if the car is running. There are too many procedures and complexities while transferring the vehicle. Once the registration of certificate is no longer valid, it is riskier to resell the car. To avoid all the complexities the safest option is to scrap the old car. Skrota bil can eliminate the risk as it won’t be used for any unauthorized or illegal activities. So, the body of the car & the accessories can be sold.

Skrota bil

Each state & country has different rules for the car to be a considered as scrap. Petrol & Diesel engines have different life span to be considered as scrap. Some of the most common rules are

  • The vehicle doesn’t move.
  • Due to accident car has suffered total loss.
  • The repair cost is more than the car value.

Scrapping is a very good alternative for the old cars in most of the situations. Helping the environment from polluting the city. Scraping the car with a government authorized shop ensures the parts are disposed in an eco – friendly way and also protects your chassis/engine from misuse of illegal activities.

Process Of Scrapping:

  1. Choosing the right dealer-
  • Before scrapping, choose an authorized scrap dealer.
  • The dealer should inspect the vehicle based on the condition, like weight & age of the vehicle and provide a quotation.
  • Once the dealer and the car owner agrees over the price, the parts will be removed and will be segregated into plastic, rubber, metal, etc
  • The price depends on the age and the condition of the parts. It is vehicle owner’s responsibility how much he would get for each parts like tyres, batteries, cylinders, etc.
  • The owner should make sure the scrapping process is actually complete and it is necessary to take photos of the scrapped vehicle to avoid any misunderstandings/ problems for the deregistration process.
  • A copy of the registration certificate is enough to submit to the dealer. Original document is not required.
  • Before the scrap is sent out for recycling the chassis number will be taken out.
  1. Valuation & Registration –
  • The condition of the vehicle plays a major role for the value you receive for the car.
  • A receipt/correspondence should be submitted to the RTO along with the dealer’s shop address.
  • Original documents along with chassis number & license plate should be submitted by the owner.
  • All the documents & the details will be verified against for any traffic violence, crimes, unpaid taxes, sale & purchase of the car.
  • Once their records are clear the vehicle will be deregistered by the RTO.
  • After deregistering, go to the insurance office and have them to stop the insurance cover.
  • Once all this is complete the registration number is free for someone and will be used for a new car.