The association became the Automobile Transport Company (STA) as a result

Taxi privati su Roma


Roma Mobilità was laid out as per City Council Resolution No. 36 of March 30, 2009, followed by City Council Resolution No. 244 of July 29, 2009, as a part of a difference in the close by open vehicle structure, separating to some degree an association branch from ATAC, which in this way has returned to do the components of the head of an enormous piece of the metropolitan public vehicle.

which was consumed by ATAC in 2005. In 2016 the association alongside the city associations Taxi privati su Roma and Risorse Roma offered particular and sensible assistance for the drafting of the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS), a course of action for the short, medium, and long stretch improvement of neighbourhood public vehicles. of the city.

Taxi privati su Roma

Facilitated traffic signal structure

The planned traffic signal system consolidates the upkeep of the entire association of illuminated signs, the organization of the flexible local area, and the show of security organizations. The association of brilliant signs and every one of the something else generally the systems responsible for the association is: 1387 traffic light structures (of which 528 united and 859 non-concentrated), road signs and splendid individual by walking crossing points, APL systems, segments, and blasting lights, message sheets variable, electronic entryways in restricted busy time gridlock districts, held ways, looked, TCCC stations, server correspondence lines, and the five robotized stopping regions for explorer transports.

The convertibility place has the task, from one perspective, of checking the headway of flexibility overall continuously, making them available to individuals as a general rule, and afterwards again of managing all reserved events with an impact on traffic like works, shows, and various events. . For the dispersal of information, the association is in like manner furnished with an article stage that consolidates a regular paper, Trasporti and Mobilità, an automated radio station, Radio Roma Mobilità, and the adaptability news conveys, broadcast on the public vehicle screen association. additionally, through the casual networks Facebook and Twitter.

Neighbourhood public vehicle

As a part of Rome’s close by open vehicle, which consolidates an expansive association of transport lines, rail lines, trolleybuses, metros, and tramways, Roma Mobilità manages the activities associated with the arrangement and plan of new organizations or changes to the current ones, to which the checking and rule of the assistance, did practically by ATAC and Roma TPL.

Non-arranged public vehicle

The association manages all administrative activities associated with the licenses given by the common association interfacing with the taxi organization, rental with driver, and barrels. Regarding the taxi organization, it also manages the help of the “Chiama Taxi 060609” organization, relaunched in 2020 to develop client-halting district correspondence works out. It furthermore manages the vehicle sharing assistance and the issue/re-energizing of the different scattering and leaving licenses for traveller transports.

Regions and plants :

The association has three constructions for rent: the headquarters in through di Vigna Murata, 60 (with the entrance in like manner on Viale Luca Gaurico, 9/11), moved by FINGE Sarl at the Piccolo Mondo business center, the counter open to general society of Piazzale degli Archivi, 40, arranged inside the construction of the State Archives asserted by the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL), and the Aurelia assigned spot for voyager vehicles, guaranteed by Metropark Spa