The strength of intrusions

spirituel vejledning

Have you heard of people speaking about clairvoyant energy or clairvoyant healing? Wonder how it works? Then the answer is very simple. It is all the power of Clair senses which stay active within a person every second. All human beings are gifted with the Clair senses at the very time of their birth and actually even before the birth when they stay in the womb of their mother. These senses remain highly active at the initial days of birth,but gradually they become dull because we don’t pay proper attention towards them. healende Himalaya Saltlamper med det kendte dejlige skærhas become more famous among the people who believe in these types of healing.

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But there are people who remain in touch with these innate abilities regularly and continuously work towards improving them. Such people are called as the clairvoyant practitioners our clairvoyant readers. These people achieve good hold over their Clair senses by regular psychic or spiritual practices,and these powers can be used in many beneficial ways. Clairvoyant readers use their special abilities to understand the past present or future of a person. They have the power to understand a person and his situation within a few minutes of talk or sometimes even by looks. They can provide solutions for physical as well as mental illness.


The clairvoyant way of healing.


Clairvoyant healers use their energy to re-energize a person. This can be done by carefully channeling energy from the healer to the receiver. This greatly helps in boosting the inner energy of the receiver and thereby cures his illness. This channeling of energy works on the powers attained by meditation. A clairvoyant healer must persistently work on his Clair senses to attain this energy,and this gives them the power to tune into these senses anytime they need.


Generally, the Clair senses help a person to gain information or insights related to a person, situation, location or an event. These are called as extrasensory are extended perception which the general mass calla sixth sense. The basic science says in any living organism the more an organ is used,the more active and capable it becomes. So in accordance with this principle, the clairvoyant practitioners have greater ability to listen, see, smell, feel or taste which is way beyond the ranges of normal human beings. This is not an extraordinary power or magic, but the result of consistent practice.





How they help you?


A dependable healer can help his clients in many ways. He can provide proper guidance at all important times so that you can confidently move ahead. He can help you to improve yourself by understating your strengths better. He can help you improve your mental as well as physical health by transforming healing energy. He can help you to recover from a shocking accidental situation and teach you to move on with pain.


In the case of carrier issues, he can make you understand your limitations better and inspires you to take the right path. If there are any personal problems in relationships, he can help you to overcome them by helping you to understand each other better. The healing energy can improve your mental and physical health.